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What is Net Zero

Net Zero is the target of completely negating the amount of greenhouse gases produced by human activity. This will be achieved by drastically reducing carbon emissions and implementing methods of absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Recently the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released their first report since 2013 which has announced some harsh truths, which we can simply no longer ignore. The key points include:

  • Global surface temperature was 1.09C higher in the decade between 2011-2020 than between 1850-1900.

  • The past five years have been the hottest on record since 1850

  • The recent rate of sea level rise has nearly tripled compared with 1901-1971

  • Human influence is "very likely" (90%) the main driver of the global retreat of glaciers since the 1990s and the decrease in Arctic sea-ice

  • It is "virtually certain" that hot extremes including heatwaves have become more frequent and more intense since the 1950s, while cold events have become less frequent and less severe

In April 2021 The UK government set the world's most ambitious climate change target into law to reduce emissions by 78% by 2035 - which is a fantastic step in the right direction. However putting this into action is easier said than done.

Over the next decade we have the power to make a huge impact on the world we live in.

If we simply do nothing and ignore this current global crisis the world will not be the same habitable place it is today, in near years to come.

We all need to be part of the solution and work together towards reaching Net Zero.

Celebrate a 75% carbon reduction in one simple step

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