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Understanding Your Carbon Footprint

First of all it helps to understand exactly what is meant by carbon footprint - Carbon footprint is a measure of the total amount of greenhouse gasses released into the atmosphere as a result of an individual’s, organisation’s, or nation’s actions. It’s usually measured in tonnes of CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent).

To understand your carbon footprint fully you have to look into several key areas of your life including:

  • Your home - This includes how much electricity you use, how you heat your home, how much waste your household produces

  • Travel - Do you drive a car and is it petrol, diesel or electric? Do you use public transport often? Do you fly often? This contributes significantly to your carbon footprint.

  • Your diet - What do you eat and where do you source it from? The more energy-intensive your food is the worse for the environment it generally is, this can include the food production and or the energy it takes to ship your food to where you purchase it.

  • Your purchases - Do you purchase a lot of new clothes and household goods? The lifespan of products, where you purchase them from and how they are produced all play a part in the your personal carbon footprint

Understanding your own personal carbon footprint is the very first step to making a positive change.

You can find out more about your personal carbon footprint on the WWF website here.

How can you make a change without knowing your own facts?!

Be part of the solution!

Celebrate a 75% carbon reduction in one simple step

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