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5 Personal steps to Net Zero

In order to reach Net Zero we must heavily rely on large corporations to make drastic changes to their carbon emissions, however this doesn’t mean we, as individuals are off the hook and can sit back and do nothing. Here are 5 simple steps which every person can take to a greener future.

Understand your own personal carbon foot print.

  • First of all it helps to understand exactly what is meant by carbon footprint - Carbon footprint is a measure of the total amount of greenhouse gasses released into the atmosphere as a result of an individual’s, organisation’s, or nation’s actions. It’s usually measured in tonnes of CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent). You can find out more about your personal carbon footprint on our blog post “understanding your carbon footprint” - Click here to read.

Making changes to your home

  • Insulating your house can be a big step to saving energy, as less heat is lost through your windows and roof meaning ore energy is saved. Using less water in your home will also have a large impact of your energy reduction, and of course, avoiding single use plastics and recycling where possible.

Making wise choices when travelling

  • The way we travel contributes significantly to our personal carbon foot print. We know that it is some times unavoidable to take the flight or drive to your destination, but it is important to walk, cycle, carpool and take public transport where you can.

Your diet

  • Meat and dairy products require lots of energy, land and water to produce. Meat products produce a huge amount of methane, a greenhouse gas, which is very damaging to the enrichment. Eating fewer animal products and shopping locally sourced food, you can make a big difference.

Think Green

  • Once you start thinking green you will undoubtably make better decisions for both yourself, your pocket and the environment - simple things like purchasing a metal water bottle, would save you money in the long run on single use plastic bottles but most importantly eliminates single use plastics. Simple and easy choices like this all add up!

Be part of the solution.

Celebrate a 75% carbon reduction in one simple step

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