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What is Green Washing?

Greenwashing is the name given for a form of marketing which is used to persuade the public that an organisation's products, aims and policies are environmentally friendly, when this might not actually be the case.

There are so many energy companies which could be accused of green washing, so here at OYA Energy we want to lay all our cards out on the table and tell you plain and simply Everything we are & Everything we are not.

We are not a 100% solution to a carbon negative world - however we are a first, and easy attainable step for nearly every household in the UK to reduce their carbon emissions by an immediate 75% and as a result creating a carbon cleaner country. It is important to understand that 100% carbon negative solutions for example hydrogen boilers, either simply do not exist yet or are far too expensive for your average person to afford. OYA Energy is the middle ground and the first step for all and the perfect bridge to instant carbon reduction today!

Celebrate a 75% carbon reduction in one simple step

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