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The Latest on Government Funding - 26th August 2021

Here at OYA Energy we think everyone should be in the know about the Government's progress with the long awaited Heat and Building Strategy!

James Murray at Business Green has written a fantastic article outlining all the key points your should know. Please see the article by clicking here.

The Times reported today that that long-awaited Heat and Building Strategy is on track to be released next month and is likely to include both generous new grants for households switching to heat pumps and proposals to reform energy bill levies and taxes so as to incentivise a move away from boilers.
The news came on the same day as the government announced significant new funding to help curb emissions from social housing and welcomed proposals to promote the development of custom-built green homes.
Like an episode of Grand Designs, the government's green building strategy can expect to face several more twists and turns before it is finally unveiled, as financial and political concerns continue to shape Number 10's thinking. But the evidence is mounting that an exciting new era for the UK's green building and heating sector could soon be unleashed.
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